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Intersolar Europe 2011

Written by Brian Myer
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New Trade Fair Center, Munich, Germany, 8-10 Jun 2011

Intersolar Europe is the largest trade exhibition for the solar industry; this year more than 75 thousand visitors attended the 2000+ trade booths, representing 150+ countries. Beyond networking and showcasing companies achievements, Intersolar offers demonstrations by technical sales staff of fabrication, testing, mounting and troubleshooting hardware and equipment, such as thermal and fluorescent imaging, sensors and controllers for every level of technician.

The rate of development in a couple of sectors was remarkable. PV and domestic hot water panel makers are using very competitive marketing and are expected to face consolidation in the coming year. Concentrating solar thermal and concentrating PV collectors are turning to water cooling and process heat applications. These trends will find application in commercial and small scale industrial setting for combined heat and power consumption. Thin film PV makers are adding variety with BIPV options in different colors, formats and sizes, enabling further architectural creativity. Numerous microinverter and module-level MPPT options contribute to the technical quality of architectural integration on multi-faceted facades. About 40 exhibitors registered in financing and promotion, where great interest exists for project financing and sales and loan model innovation worldwide.

According to the EIA, in 2011 renewables are generating more energy than nuclear again in the USA (hydro, biofuels, wood, wind), while solar remains insignificant in that mix. Hydro and wind are now mature but with nuclear unpopular and some hydro production controversial, solar has extra room to grow. For mainstream solar, new products, services and guarantees/certifications focus on reliability and compliance, while increased reliance on standards and regulation will drive consolidation.

Algarve Energy Park is pleased with the contacts and insights gained at the fair and looks forward to participating in the mature growth phase of solar energy utility generation. A number of Portuguese companies operating across manufacturing, module fabrication, project EPC and park management exhibited.

We would also like to thank Luxxor for the band playing “Here comes the sun” on Friday!

Follow this link to Intersolar Europe:

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University of Evora, Colegio do Espirito Santo Auditorium, Evora, Portugal, 28 Jan 2011

The symposium was opened with great optimism with the collective welcome of University Chancellor Prof. Dr. Carlos Braumann, Mayor of Evora Dr. José Ernesto de Oliveira, President of the CCDRA1 Dr. João Cordovil, Director General of Geology and Energy Dr. José Perdigoto and Prof. Dr. Manuel Collares Pereira, BES Chair of Renewable Energy.

Attendees included industrial representatives, project managers, technical professionals and scientists and many interested students and recent graduates. Algarve Energy Park leadership and project staff were pleased to participate and learn more about the implementation of the national energy plan at the project level. Current industrial and commercial activity centered around Evora is quite notable.

Dr. José Perdigoto, Director General for Energy and Geology gave an important presentation on the 10 year growth plan for solar energy in Portugal, as a third wave following the recent expansions of hydro and wind. Solar CSP, CPV and PV are expected to grow from 140MW today, adding 1500MW by 2020. Specifically allocated growth areas included Microproduction at 25MW/year, Miniproduction at 50MW/year and Demo/Utility Plants.

470MW are as yet unallocated, but are intended to establish a power production industrial cluster here in Portugal.

Prof. Dr. Valeriano Ruiz Hernandez, President of CTAER2, President of PROTERMOSOLAR, and recent recipient of a Lifetime Achievement award at SolarPACES 2010, gave an in depth and often sombering review of decades of solar energy development in Spain. Prof. Valeriano traced the fluctuating level of public and governmental interest and its proportionality to oil prices, and also the destabilizing potential of continual policy revisions on the Spanish solar industry. He also described the new EU SOLARIS center which is planned alongside the existing Almeria Solar Platform.

The symposium itself was primarily dedicated to presenting the winners of Portugal’s PIP Demonstration competition. About 18 projects including CSP Tower, Trough and Stirling, CPV and Thermal Storage are in development for southern Portugal.

The PIP projects presented great variety, from technical innovations and business partnerships to investment strategies. With every project showing its most competitive features, it was more clear than ever the need for such a head to head competition. 2011 will see these projects fight to resolve remaining technical issues, obtain licensing approvals and bank support, including relative novelties like performance insurance. With all the development conducted on Portuguese soil, the government stands to gain the needed insight to select and approve future large scale installations.

The capstone of the symposium was the presentation and signing of an MOU between the University of Evora and the Department of Energy and Innovation to create the Portuguese Institute for Solar Energy (Insituto Português de Energia Solar) at the University of Evora. The agreement was signed with great satisfaction by Prof. Dr. Manuel Collares Pereira and Secretary of State for Energy and Innovation Prof. Dr. Carlos Zorrinho. Algarve Energy Park is very encouraged by the level of national support demonstrated by this development and is is commited to work closely with the growing Institute.

This first symposium was a milestone in High Concentration Solar Power in Portugal and an excellent opportunity for networking with our current and future clients and collaborators.

1 CCDRA - Commission for Coordination and Regional Development of the Alentejo

2 CTAER - Advanced Technology Center for Renewable Energies

by Brian Myer

Quarta, 23 Fevereiro 2011 16:08

First Annual ENERGYIN Conference

Written by Brian Myer
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ENERVIDA, Hotel Montebelo, Viseu, Portugal, 10-11 Feb 2011

To commemorate its first year of activities, ENERGYIN hosted a conference in Viseu this month on R&D and market development in energy in Portugal. ENERGYIN is a private organization dedicated to supporting growth in Portugal of a technically skilled and commercially savvy energy sector. Secretary of State for Energy and Innovation Prof. Dr. Carlos Zorrinho launched the conference with high expectations for Viseu and Portugal to grow with the developing energy infrastructure taking shape under the ENE 2020 plan.

The ENERVIDA Fair was held in the Viseu Municipal Auditorium, hosting vendors and service providers primarily associated with the Microgeneration market and consumers seeking to lower the impact of their lifestyles. The Fair offered an interested public a great opportunity to take a closer look at some of the hardware and to learn more about new energy efficiency services.

Meanwhile inside at the conference, both technically and financially-focused talks revealed the level of institutional cooperation at the R&D and investment levels necessary for progress in the energy sector. Scientific council members of ENERGYIN presided over discussion panels devoted to a wide variety of topics. One clear take home message from the conference is that for all the international interest, Portugal itself is currently playing leading roles in many of these projects.

Viseu as a region leads in wind power and is #2 in hydro power generation in Portugal.

Algarve Energy Park was pleased to attend the meeting and likewise celebrate the growth of our relationships since the first ENERGYIN meeting last November.

Check out and

by Brian Myer

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Portugal was distinguished as clean energy pioneer by the event organizers and many speakers. The country’s success was mainly attributed to “its innovative and ambitious energy policies, great foresight and strong political will to ensure a sustainable future...”

Year 2010 seems to have established a number of important common concepts which are communicated and presented by the clean energy companies as indisputable facts rather than futuristic topics. It has become apparent that there is a continuous and constantly growing world energy demand and diminishing supply which is still primarily driven by a costlier and less predictable supply of energy.  In the opening note of the conference Stephen Dunbar-Johnson, publisher of the IHT, stressed that "the risks and costs of our dependence on fossil fuels have never been clearer than in this year, while impetus to develop cleaner, greener and more sustainable sources of energy has never been greater”.

Numerous panel discussions focused on the price of global carbon.  Correct reflection of its price was identified as being key to valuations and exposed a multidimensional side of the issue. Topics such as security of energy supplies, global race to develop clean energy solutions on the utility scale, implications on current and future jobs and investments are all reflective of the depth and breadth of this issue that is now demanding global and geopolitical importance. These trends are "key factors that are reshaping the world economy". During the” Clean Energy and Money: Beyond the green stimulus – who will finance renewables?” panel discussion, the commonly voiced outcome was that long term government policies have to be designed to support clean energy initiatives and stimulate these types of investments.

There is a common acceptance of broad spectrum technologies and various methods of clean energy production ranging from solar to wind and to wave and biofuels. The process of building the new energy future started and the roadmap to 2050 is being envisioned.  The energy technology revolution is foreseen to be larger in scope and its impact bigger than the IT revolution of the past two decades.  Exciting future plans were outlined from Professor Rifkin’s inspirational, yet realistic key note speech and in the various Q & A sessions on the second day of the forum. The following topics were all given top priority: the China effect and hydropower projects overview by China Three Gorges Corporation; role of nuclear power in the energy production equation; evolution of smart grid; emerging world and developed world energy challenges and an important outlook for Cancun
COP 16/CMP 6 .

The main outcome of the forum for the Algarve Energy Park determined that businesses will have to deliver the necessary innovation and solutions to further the renewable energies growth and future success, while long term government policies are essential to provide the right conditions for investment strategies.

Collaborate I Support I Partner with the Algarve Energy Park.

To find out more about Global Clean Energy Forum:

Natalie Samovich

Terça, 28 Setembro 2010 10:03

Plataforma de Demonstração de Tecnologias Solares

Written by Jose Serras
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Com a atribuição por parte da DGEG, em simultâneo, das licenças para demonstração de 5 tecnologias solares de concentração por 15 empresas, criou-se a oportunidade de Portugal, poder dar um salto qualitativo, numa área de enorme potencial de crescimento.

Porém, estas unidades ao serem distribuídas por diversas regiões, perdia-se parte do efeito que se consegue pela concentração das mesmas, sendo este, o ponto de partida para a iniciativa de construção de uma Plataforma de Demonstração de Tecnologias Solares onde, partilhando o mesmo espaço físico, as empresas possam apresentar as suas soluções energéticas, com as vantagens de recorrerem a uma partilha de custos e de serviços proporcionados pelos Algarve Energy Park.

A Plataforma poderá desta forma tornar-se um local de visita obrigatória para os clientes institucionais que nos visitem, e uma montra tecnológica na área do solar, que projecte para o exterior Portugal como um país de referência na área.

As tecnologias solares têm ainda um potencial de crescimento enorme, quer em eficiência quer numa utilização massiva, fazendo uso de um recurso que temos em abundância, renovável e não poluente.

É pois, uma oportunidade que devemos agarrar com todo o empenho e o Algarve Energy Park com a execução da Plataforma passará para o terreno uma das peças fundamentais de um projecto muito mais vasto, e que pretende na sua essência criar condições para Portugal desenvolver tecnologia própria que nos posicione na linha da frente de uma tecnologia de importância crescente nos próximos anos e décadas.

José Serras

Terça, 23 Março 2010 23:04

Construção Sustentável

Written by Jose Serras
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A Sustentabilidade entrou  definitivamente nos problemas do dia a dia e deixou de ser um assunto fechado tratado nos  meios académicos para passar a estar nas preocupações primeiras dos mais diversos intervenientes. Tivémos no Algarve na semana passada uma Conferência sobre Sustentabilidade com a designação “Sustainable Building Affordable to All” que coloca a questão nos seus devidos termos, ou seja, a abordagem da Sustentabilidade nos projectos é importante não porque seja moda, mas porque em tempos de crise como os que vivemos, a gestão criteriosa dos diferentes recursos, terão que ser particularmente cuidados, e aí de facto, não estamos perante uma escolha entre diferentes opções mas simplesmente a opção.

Os recursos são bens escassos que devem ser geridos com o maior critério possível  e isto nada tem de novo, embora nunca como agora, não se trata de optimizar recursos mas principalmente de alterar o tipo dos recursos sejam novos materiais, novas fontes energéticas ou mesmo abordar cada projecto do ponto de vista financeiro numa óptica de médio prazo e nos impactos que opções tomadas numa fase inicial terão no comportamento do projecto ao longo da sua vida útil. É pois com particular satisfação que assistimos ao longo dos dias da conferência a uma assembleia entusiástica e participativa o que é muito motivante para a equipa do Algarve Energy Park .

A  apresentação na Conferência  do projecto Algarve Energy Park esteve a cargo do Marc Rechter  tendo o mesmo sido recebido com muito interesse e motivado  um alargado conjunto de contactos com especialistas nestas matérias que seguramente potenciará a visibilidade internacional do projecto.O  Algarve Energy Park na sua qualidade de sponsor da conferência dá os parabéns à Organização e deseja que futuras iniciativas tenham lugar com o mesmo sucesso ou maior ao que esta obteve.




Até breve

José Serras

Gestor de Projecto



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This weekend's Expresso newspaper carried a prominent two page article on Portugal's Renewable Energy 2020 Strategy, featuring Algarve Energy Park as an innovative concept at the national and European level. We are happy to see the leading press take up on our initiative in such a positive manner, and will continue to communicate progress as we move forward. Article pdf below.



Terça, 09 Março 2010 03:33

Algarve Energy Park Sponsoring Portugal SB10

Written by Marc Rechter
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The Algarve Energy Park is pleased to be sponsoring the Portuguese SB10 conference! This year, the conference will be focused on low cost sustainable technical solutions which promise to make sustainable building affordable to all.

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The European Commission today launched the Europe 2020 Strategy to emerge from the crisis and prepare the EU economy for the next decades. The Commission identifies three key drivers for growth, to be implemented through concrete actions at EU and national levels: smart growth (fostering knowledge, innovation, education and digital society), sustainable growth (making our production more resource efficient while boosting our competitiveness) and inclusive growth (raising participation in the labour market, the acquisition of skills and the fight against poverty). See link:

Our team at Algarve Energy Park is very excited to observe this progress at the political level towards the implementation of urgent measures to ensure Europe's future competitiveness. We expect it to significantly strengthen the fundamentals of the Algarve Energy Park Project, which embodies the practical implementation of the 2020 Strategy.

March will see the public launch of the Project during the Conference, Portugal SB10  (International Initiative for a Sustainable Built Environment), as well as the start of the sustainable planning process with continued growth in industry-academics participation.

We look forward to creating new growth opportunities and welcome collaborative suggestions.


Marc Rechter
Algarve Energy Park Team

Terça, 10 Novembro 2009 22:37

Algarve Energy Park

Written by José Serras
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O “Algarve Energy Park”, pretende no seu website, criar um espaço de debate em que Todos possam, com o seu comentário, contribuir para uma troca de ideias sobre os impactos que as energias renováveis terão no futuro e a influência que terão na vida de cada um de nós.

Hoje, quando pensamos em energias limpas e correctas do ponto de vista ambiental, estamos só a ver o problema do ponto de vista da produção. E nós, do ponto de vista do consumo o que estamos dispostos a fazer? Qual a nossa contribuição para a redução das necessidades de energia?


Isto leva-nos ao conceito de sustentabilidade e à maneira de vermos os problemas de uma forma integrada, não privilegiando nenhuma das partes, desde a produção até ao consumo, mas focalizando-nos no balanço energético de todo o processo.


Assim sendo, outras questões se levantam como por exemplo, onde construímos? Como construímos? Em que medida é que a arquitectura tem que integrar estes conceitos?


A eficiência energética, não é apenas um rótulo, é sim uma atitude que deverá marcar qualquer projecto e estar desde o início presente em todas as discussões. Pela nossa parte são esses os compromissos que temos no desenvolvimento do “Algarve Energy Park”.


É pois, com temas que gravitem à volta deste tipo de preocupações, que vos convidamos a dar a vossa opinião sejam académicos, estudantes, ou cidadãos que entendam intervir, terão neste espaço a oportunidade de o fazer.


Até breve

José Serras
Gestor do Projecto

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